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Organic garden maintenance services


We provide a wide range of qualified garden maintenance , landscape and garden design, minor construction and horticultural consultancy services throughout Brisbane. We are built around a core of 10 years love, obsession and devotion to the diverse and botanical side of life. We like to mix this with an artistic vision for an engaging and eye opening garden experience, recycled materials and top of the line equipment.

We provide professional:

  • lawn mowing
  • edging
  • hedging
  • mulching
  • soil testing, conditioning and health management
  • composting
  • rubbish removal
  • irrigation installation, flushing and maintenance
  • fertilising
  • integrated pest and weed control
  • garden design and makeovers
  • vege bed installation
  • paving, decking and fencing
  • retaining walls
  • pergolas
  • chook yard construction,
  • turfing
  • garden art and installations
  • corporate gardening

We use new top of the line equipment for a professional finish and to encourage healthy plant growth and habit. I chose this profession because I love gardens and the biodiversity that comes with them. Now I wish to convey this through the gardens of Brisbane. We take great care and pride in each garden and hope to work with you soon. 

Lets work toward a lusher Brisbane, one little oasis at a time.

 Alister Murray


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